Welcome to Recipes Deluxe

An interest in food and cooking seems to run in my family. From an early age I remember Mom and Dad always being willing to put time and effort into meals, and they were much more likely to splurge on a good wine (which in those days probably meant $5) than on clothing or furniture. I didn’t often like the strange things they cooked, preferring my hamburgers and spaghetti, but their interest sank in and has been a source of pleasure ever since. And, I am pleased to say, this interest has passed on to my two kids.

On these pages you’ll find a collection of recipes I have compiled over the years, recipes that I thought were good enough to be worth saving.  Rather than use index cards, I decided on digital storage. From there it was an easy step to sharing them on this blog so they would be easy to share.

There’s no particular theme here, just the enjoyment of cooking and good food. Most of the recipes are my own inventions, others are from family and friends, and a few are modifications of recipes in cookbooks and magazines (with credit given as appropriate). I hope you’ll find something here you like.

Here’s how it works. Recipes are listed in the order entered, in other words randomly. This is OK for browsing, and you can use the Earlier Posts and Later Posts buttons on each page to see  more. To find something specific, there are two approaches:

  • Click a category in the Categories list at the top right of the page-for example, Pasta, Beef, or Vegetarian, to see only recipes in that category. Then, click the Home Page link at the top to return to all recipes.
  • Use the Search field to find recipes that contain a specific word or phrase.

I welcome comments and suggestions, although I cannot reply to everyone. The only rule is to be civil. Cooking is supposed to be fun!

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