The versatile pork shoulder

This isn’t a recipe, really, but rather my approach to using the delicious and versatile pork shoulder. Pork is perhaps the most versatile of meats (chicken may be a close tie!), and the shoulder offers a lot of advantages. But, a shoulder typically weighs 6-10 pounds, and that’s a lot of meat! My approach is to cut it up and freeze the portions, then use them as desired. It’s fairly inexpensive cut, and the higher fat content makes it extra tasty for many uses.

  • You can get a couple of compact  1-1/2 to 2 lb roasts from the more “together” parts of the shoulder. These small roasts are perfect for pulled pork, lechén asado (Cuban roast pork), and a lot of other dishes.
  • Other regions of the shoulder can be cut into cubes for stews, soups, posole, and the like.
  • Remaining scraps can be ground for inclusion in meatballs or meatloaf, sausage, Chinese stir fries, or pork and fennel burgers.
  • If you used a bone-in shoulder, simmer the bone for a while with some aromatics to create pork stock, which has a host of uses.


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