Eggs in toast

I expect there’s a traditional name for this dish, but for lack of anything better I call it eggs in toast. It’s a tasty, hearty breakfast. I like to serve these with tomato slices on the side. All you need is

Slices of good bread
1 egg per slice of bread

Use a biscuit cutter or tumbler to make a hole in each slice. Save the cutouts for fancy tea sandwiches or breadcrumbs.


Lightly butter one side of the bread and place butter-down in a frypan over medium heat. Cook until the bottom is toasted to your liking. Flip and, if you think it’s needed, add another half-teaspoon or so of butter to each hole. Break an egg into each hole and lightly salt.


Let the eggs partially set, then you have 2 choices. For the prettiest presentation, cover the pan, reduce the heat to medium low, and cook until the whites are set and the yolk is still runny (a glass lid helps here). For a less pretty but just as tasty result, flip the slices and cook briefly.


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One Comment on “Eggs in toast”

  1. Dave S Says:

    Eggs in a basket, my parents called it.

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