Mixed vegetable “slaw” pickle

This is a simple “refrigerator” pickle – in other words, no need to pack in jars and process in a canner. It is very flexible and can use a wide variety of vegetables that you may have on hand. It works well with veggies that are a bit past their prime, too. Cabbage, carrots, celery, cukes, jicama, red and green peppers,  onion – be creative! The batch in the photo used cabbage, carrots, red bell pepper, and Vidalia onion. This pickle has many uses, as a side dish, on sandwiches and burgers, eat with cheese and bread – very versatile.

I have seen versions of this recipe where the pickling liquid is allowed to cool before being added to the jars. That works perfectly well, but I find that adding the liquid while it is still hot gives the veggies a very slight cooking. They are still crispy, to be sure, but I prefer the texture. You can always try both ways.


About 2 quarts finely julienned mixed vegetables.
2 TB kosher salt
1/4c white sugar
1 c cider vinegar
1 c water
2 TB whole mustard seeds, yellow or black
1 TB whole black peppercorns

Put the veg in a bowl and mix with 1 TB of the salt. Let sit for half an hour or more. This wilts the veggies slightly, making the packing into jars easier. Pack firmly into pint jars to within an inch of the top – you’ll probably get about 3 pints.

Put the remaining salt and all other ingredients in a saucepan and bring to a simmer, stirring until the sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and ladle into the jars while still hot. Make sure the mustard seeds and peppercorns are distributed among all jars. Use a wooden spoon or a chopstick to make sure air bubbles are not trapped in the veggies and that the liquid completely covers the contents. Screw on the lids, let cool, and pop into the fridge. They will be ready the next day and will last at least a month.

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