Marinated roasted red peppers

These are a little bit of work, but so vastly better than the jarred peppers you can buy. Even when you’ve eaten all the peppers you’ll be sopping up the last oil with your bread, it’s that good.

Use the long Italian sweet red peppers (see photo). Make sure they’re nicely ripe and nice and “meaty.” The recipe can be doubled. Note that the amounts for ingredients are all estimates – it’s be subtly different each time and you’ll soon figure out just how you like it.

Take 4 or 5 large Italian red sweet peppers, washed and dried. Start a charcoal fire and get it as hot as you can—the coals should be glowing cherry red. Grill the peppers over the fire, as shown here.

Roasting red peppers

Roasting red peppers

Turn occasionally until they are charred black over almost the entire surface. This will take about 10-15 minutes, depending on your fire. The ones in the photo have just started to cook.

Put the finished peppers in a brown paper bag and seal the top. Let sit for about 15 minutes – this steaming makes them easier to peel. Then, peel all the charred skin off—this is important because it tastes awful. Resist the temptation to rinse the peppers, you’ll just wash the flavorful juices off. We find the the combination of a sharp paring knife and a small wad of damp paper towel works well. There’s no doubt that the peeling is a bother, but it gets a lot easier once you’ve done it a few times. Then, remove and discard the stems and seeds and cut each pepper into pieces 2-3 inches in size (not critical).

You’ll need a small flat-bottomed container that will hold the peppers in 4-5 layers.

Have the following at hand:

6 anchovy fillets cut in small pieces
1 TB chopped fresh oregano
1 TB capers packed in brine, drained and rinsed
1 TB minced or thinly sliced  fresh garlic
salt, black pepper
extra virgin olive oil, about 2/3 c

Put a thin drizzle of olive oil in the bottom of the dish and cover with a single layer of pepper strips. Sprinkle about 1/4 of the anchovies, oregano, capers, and garlic over the peppers followed by a grinding of pepper, a small sprinkle of salt, and more oil. Here’s what it looks like partially assembled. Repeat additional layers until all the peppers and other ingredients are used up.

Marinated peppers

Putting the dish together

When finished, make sure everything is covered with oil. It doesn’t have to be swimming in oil, just covered. Cover with plastic wrap and let sit at room temperature for a few hours. You can eat it now, but it’ll be better if it marinates for a couple of days in the fridge. Let come to room temp before serving.

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